Erin Sykes



[lightbox link="" thumb="" width="300" align="left" title="diction1" frame="true" icon="image"]I happened upon the must-read, kistchy-but-oh-so-accurate book Enamel Diction by The Initiative ($16.95) while browsing Carousel Shop in Bondi Beach, Australia this past week. Enamel Diction’s authors describe the book as a “light hearted insight into the kind of façades we present to the world – and ask; is the nail polish we wear a true reflection of ourselves or just gloss?” Or more simply, can you tell a girl by her nail color? Ultimately it suggests that how we choose to express ourselves through exterior decoration is an important clue to our inner nature. The colors we choose have a meaning and a function. Buff off the coating to varnish the truth with your own copy. Guarantee that you will have your yoga neighbor with the consistent fuchsia pedi all figured out . Below is a peek into my current polish personality… [lightbox link="" thumb="" width="600" align="left" title="diction2" frame="true" icon="image"]