Erin Sykes



Despite being a yoga devotee, Im always looking for new workouts to mix in, particularly ones that get me outside. One of my favorites is the Santa Monica Stairs – both the steep, shaded concrete set at 4th & Adelaide and the wider, wooden set a few blocks East (which offers much more of a scene – I once saw a man walking on his hands down the entire flight). The wooden set has 170 stairs and it takes about 1 hour to complete 20 circuits. I approximate my caloric burn for this at 600-700 calories, the same as a 6 mile run. [lightbox link="" thumb="" width="2400" align="center" title="stairway" frame="true" icon="image"] Not only are the stairs scenic, but they’re open ‘round-the-clock and are they’re free – so much better than a typical gym (ugh, can’t bear to say the word). No matter where you live, bet there is a set close by (think your local high school stadiums!)