Erin Sykes

May: Skin Cancer Awareness Month


A JAMA Dermatology study just found that there are more skin cancer cases linked to indoor tanning beds than lung cancer cases linked to smoking! May is Skin Cancer Awareness Month - It's the perfect opportunity to make an appointment with your dermatologist to have a full, head-to-toe examto make sure you don't have any abnormal moles or early warning signs of skin cancer. I personally had my exam today with Dr. Doris Day and was clear with the exception of a potential, small Basal Cell Carcinoma on my nose which was quickly treated on-site. For more information on mobile exam units that may be visiting your area and how to do a self-exam between doctors visits, refer to [lightbox link="" thumb="" width="277" align="center" title="images" frame="true" icon="image"]

StepUp Power Hour 2014

Step Up Women's Network is an organization that inspires women to inspire girls. It is extraordinarily important to me as mentorship is an incomparable resource and has helped me tremendously in my career. The current high school graduation rate of StepUp mentees is 100% and of reflection. For more information about Step Up Women's Network, visit Celebrating Powerful Connections and Powerful Philanthropy at Step Up Women's Network Power Hour