Erin Sykes

How to Become a Lipstick Perso

Here's an excerpt from my interview in DNAinfo NYC about this season's rich lipstick shades. For the full article visit: DNAinfo

Since the dark lip colors of the 1980s, strides in lipstick technology have almost eliminated issues, such as having to avoid matte textures that suck lips of moisture or colors that bleed outside the lip line, according to Erin Sykes, a beauty and style expert based in New York City.

"Before, they seemed arduous. You had to reapply and watch your teeth and pay so much attention to your lips," she said. "Now you can put it on in the morning and wear it easily through to lunch."

Snapping a photo with a camera can help when trying on a string of new colors, Sykes said.

"Then you have an accurate record of what each lipstick looks like," she said, adding that this season she loves the shade "Insolent Plum" by Estee Lauder.

Lipstick also needs to be seen as an accessory to your whole outfit, according to Sykes. A dark plum with all black clothing can be "a little monochromatic, but if I was wearing all black I would wear a red for a little bit of color," she said.

"If it's a plum lipstick, I sometimes do a winter white outfit," said Sykes. "I like to play around with the two mediums."