Erin Sykes


Here is a recap from our Ladies Lounge Beauty Night!

Step inside with the ladies via this video:

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Some of my favorite tips that help streamline your beauty routine!

1) For minimalist traveling bring a face serum, moisturizer, mascara, conditioning lip gloss, and blush/bronzer. It’s important to maintain your Skincare routine or boost it according to your destination (desert heat, beach sun, ski trip dryness).

2) BB and CC creams boot traditional tinted moisturizers. Choose a BB for tint + primer + sun protection. Choose CC for added Skincare benefits if you have uneven skintone, redness, or blemish marks that need extra concealing.

3) Find the mascara formula right for you. Molded wands are great for those with shorter, sparser eyelashes or those that like a defined look. Classic bristled wands give a fluffy, feathered finish. ‘Tubing’ formulas or those with two step that include fibers are a good choice for dramatic evening events or humid days where smudging is not an option.

4) Line and define! Most women choose their eyes as their favorite feature. Enhance them with colored eyeliner, smudged kajal formulas, or a winged looked.

5) Makeup will only look as good as the skin that glows through. Stick to a Skincare routine that includes a repair serum, eye cream, and moisturizer day and night. Don’t forget to apply the serum and moisturizer to your neck and back of hands.

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