Aesthetic Consulting


Aesthetic Consulting


For Individuals

Erin works to connect individuals with the best Dermatologists, Plastic Surgeons, Dentists, Medical Spas, Fitness Trainers, and Nutrition Experts to demystify the options available and best achieve aesthetic and wellness goals. 

Erin aims to educate potential patients/clients before they walk in to a doctor’s office, medspa, or studio so that they can request services from a place of confidence and knowledge. In addition, Erin is available to attend in-person or virtual consults with clients to ensure complete communication with specialists.

Through relationships with aesthetic professionals of varying specialties, Erin can provide recommendations that account for client goals, geography and potential alternatives. Clients are ensured that each specialist is top-of-class and well-respected within their industry and that their privacy is the highest priority. 


For Practitioners

Erin also works directly with practitioners to connect them with patients via a mix of referrals and integrated media. This includes everything from connecting businesses with synergistic offerings to relaying feedback from former patients/clients in a constructive way to ensure optimal service. 

  • B2B Referral Network
  • Client Referral Network
  • Strategic Marketing
  • Brand Positioning
  • Social Media 
  • Relaying Testimonials and Constructive Feedback


To work with Erin as an individual or practitioner, please send a note to